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Mini-Workshops to find out more about Peak States Therapy  – participate in a 2h workshop with like minded people to discover how these cutting edge techniques can help you achieve a more peaceful and balanced life.

101 Healing sessions 
– work with Ingka on your greatest challenge in life, experiencing the fast relief that our methods can provide for so many personal issues. Also allow Peak States of Consciousness into your life to permanently uplevel your state of being.

Partnerwork – whether your marriage is on the rocks or you simply want to learn another way to communicate and give your relationship a chance to grow, a weekend with Ingka will give both of you the toolset you need to save or improve your relationship. Ask for the Premium package that includes also the SMT Process and the Brain light Process for both of you.

Peak States for Personal Development – if you wonder why you have not made any progress in your personal development or only to a certain point – here is your answer.

Silent Mind Process (TM) – remove inner obstacles to your path, eliminate negative voices in your head that hinder your progress.

Inner Peace Process – Align Mind and Heart, so that past trauma does not carry over into your present any more.

Brain Light Process – Allowing the parts of your consciousness to operate on a more positive level,  eliminating the impulse to act out negatively

Brain Merge – Fusing the parts of your consciousness into one, achieving a higher functionality in your system and enabling you to operate from a place of oneness of thought, feeling and emotion.

Other Peak States Processes by the Institute for the Study of Peak States:

Shattered Crystals Process – this is for you if you have attention deficit disorder or feel like some part of your mental faculties is not working fully, e.g. struggling to learn or you have been prescribed Ritalin by your doctor.

Traumatic Brain Injury Process – indicated for those that suffer from a reduced mental functionality due to a cranial injury, either recent or in the past, accompanied by mood swings, light sensitivity, head aches and other symptoms

Coming soon: online course to learn WHH for applying to your own issues

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