Ingka Enyan
Coach to Impactpreneurs and Peak state therapist

Ingka is the owner of Advance Consciousness, a coaching and therapy online service that offers, among others, methods developed by the Institute for the Study of Peak States. A therapist of long standing, she specializes in helping people to improve their relationships and live happier, more fulfilled lives by overcoming inner obstacles. Ingka is a former member of the Institutes research staff, working towards making Peak States available for all of humanity.

Born into the traditional household of a high-ranking Military officer and a homemaker turned secretary, Ingka’s upbringing was steeped in discipline, rules, and societal expectations. Her’s is a journey of challenging the commonplace, daring to dream, and crafting her own path. 

Graduating with the highest school diploma, her subsequent years were marked by a profound sense of disorientation and disillusionment. The narrowly defined educational pathways of her time offered little room for exploration and self-discovery.  

Caught in the crosshairs of societal expectation and personal aspiration, Ingka found herself at odds with her upbringing. The familiar message in her childhood, “You shouldn’t have a will of your own”, gnawed at her self-awareness, making it challenging to discern what she truly desired. 

Growing up, she felt more attuned to the movement of people who questioned the status quo. However, her environment wasn’t welcoming of such individuality. The limited perspectives around her, coupled with her personal inhibitions, turned into a potent barrier against the change she sought.

Undeterred, she embarked on a transformative journey to shed her old skin and reinvent herself. Her discovery of ISPS (Institute for the Study of Peak States) and the teachings of Dr. Grant McFetridge, a renowned psychologist, offered her the fresh perspective she was yearning for. It equipped her with the tools to achieve her goals and improved her interpersonal skills, facilitating more harmonious cross-cultural interactions.

Ingka’s journey was a painstaking metamorphosis but one that was immensely rewarding. She successfully transitioned from a life by default, lived within the confines of societal norms, to living by design, guided by her values and aspirations. 

Drawing from her own experiences, Ingka has created the Roadblock Remover program  unleashing Impactpreneurs to help others navigate their unique paths towards self-realization. From her struggle against societal expectations to her successful transition into a life of self-determined design, Ingka’s story stands as a testament to resilience, the power of transformation, and the promise of a breakthrough.

In her unwavering quest to challenge the status quo and bring about positive change, Ingka founded a ground-breaking initiative – “Rethink Bamboo”. This project is set to revolutionize housing in Ghana by promoting sustainable bamboo-based housing solutions. Combining German expertise in sustainability with Ghanaian local resources, this venture seeks to transform the country’s housing landscape while bolstering its sustainable development goals. 

The bamboo houses, designed to be environmentally friendly, present a compelling solution for the Tropic’s unique geographical and climatic conditions. Additionally, the project creates green jobs, combats deforestation, and aids in environmental regeneration by sequestering carbon dioxide and detoxifying former illegal gold mining sites. 

Through comprehensive training and support, Ingka’s project empowers local farmers and builds a sustainable supply chain, all while fostering strong partnerships. It’s a testament to her commitment to making a difference in the world, aligning perfectly with her mission, “I support you in successfully challenging the status quo and growing beyond.”

Today, standing at the zenith of her transformation, Ingka is not only living her life by design but also inspiring others to follow suit. She continues to champion sustainable and responsible practices, inviting everyone to join her on this extraordinary journey towards a greener, better future.

Ingka loves to connect internationally with  clients who seek to improve life for themselves and others and enjoy taking an active role in their personal development. 

You can really feel that she loves to share her knowledge and great experience. She delights in seeing her gift blossom in the world when she sees you succeed in making your dreams come true for mankind. 
Ingka is bilingual in German and English. 


" The benefits from Peak States Therapy have been really significant including healing attachment issues that were keeping me in a damaging relationship. For me having the Inner Peace state means I no longer get stuck in negative issues. Now I may be stressed for 24 hours when difficult and challenging events occur, but after that I’m back on an even keel. "
Gilli, London
Author & EFT​ practitioner