Do you wish you could finally make your plans come true?

You want immediate changes to move forward in your life? 

Ready for quick and lasting change?

Life Design & Success Acceleration Workshop: Getting Unstuck


Join our 4 Days Workshop & Release Obstacles that are Sabotaging your Life Goals

This time translated into Russian Language.

Sept. 18

Day 1
Start Transforming your Life

Sept. 19

Day 2
Remove Inner Obstacles

Sept. 25

Day 3
Create your New Self

Sept. 26

Day 4
Solidify your Results

4 Days, 10:00 - 17:00 h Moscow Time

Forget Fizzling Projects -

Lose the Drag & Realize Your Full Potential a productive human being you want to create a beautiful and successful life. You want to contribute with positive goals to a better life for yourself and others. But somehow it never seems to happen, or it is incredibly hard to move forward. You get tied up with unimportant details, your partners are unresponsive or even obstructive, and luck is never on your side. You find yourself in a place where life is just hard – a constant battle.

Something has to change!

Better Rapport at Home and at Work

Perhaps you have noticed that a good part of your problems in getting things accomplished has to do with how your interaction with other people goes.

Whether it’s the people at your place of work or at home, somehow you often find it difficult to find common ground. Misunderstandings happen or people feel not heard or your own point of view is not recognized.
A lot of energy is expended without much of a result. You feel frustrated and depleted.

The good news is that this is something that you can change now. We will give you the key to improve your relationships with others, to have easier communication and enjoy better understanding. That will make your projects and goals much easier to accomplish.


Ingka enyan

Owner of
Advance Consciousness
Therapy and Trainings
Healing Practitioner and Therapist since 2003
Lecturer/Trainer for Professional Trauma Therapy Trainings since 2009

We have selected the latest generation tools and exercises ideal for you to make progress in life.

After the workshop

You will have completed the ISPS Silent Mind Process, resulting in

  • significantly reduced mind chatter whilch leaves your mind much more calm.
  • resolved relationships imbalances, making your connections with others much smoother and less stressful
  • more energy to invest into your future.

I will check the process for completion personally for you

You will also have learned about and connected with important parts of yourself which tend to have different agendas. But now you have tools to help align them. This

  • promotes personal coherence
  • makes for less inner conflict around choices and decisions

You will also practice other powerful tools you will use for a lifetime long after the workshop.

Your options


  • Multiple practical exercises designed to help you find and release your inner obstacles to progress
  • Smart worksheets to help you get traction
  • SMT Process by ISPS for individual use included
  • Free confirmation of completion via remote scan on demand


  • All features as in Standard
  • Available to you if you commit to do a video testimonial

Bring a Friend

  • Pay for two and invite a friend, partner or spouse
  • Get the same great program as in Standard price and enjoy together
  • If both of you do a video testimonial I will reemburse each of you 100€ as a Thank you Bonus

Workshop Program

We will start out the workshop with a wonderfully relaxing exercise that allows you to clear your head and be optimally prepared to follow the workshop without distractions from your daily life worries. 

Then it will be time for some theory.  This will gradually propel you to integrate the background for the coming process. This in turn will let you understand the underlying reasons for your being stuck. Also, you will learn about the multiple other benefits this uniquely designed process has. 

Then we will get to one of the core processes of this workshop: getting rid of mind-chatter and incessant thinking as well as dysfunctional relating with others. This allows you to focus on the tasks that really matter to achieve your goals instead of being sidetracked or blocked. By the way: 90% of the world population has this problem to at least some degree. So you might consider this normal, but after this workshop you will notice that you really have gained an advantage here.

You may even notice that you can meditate easier, connect with people from the heart rather than a wounded space and eliminate “ping-pong” games and co-dependencies.

Another  great side effect of this process is that when you next get asked at a job interview  if you are ready to relocate, you can easily answer “Yes” since the cultural problem of “we” and “them” will have been eradicated and you will feel at home everywhere on this planet.

Among the various techniques you will learn there is one will empower you to remove emotional roadblock towards your future self. In this exercise you will first get to know your future self, the person you want to be: successful, loved, free, happy! Then you will learn some easy techniques how to remove obstacles on your way so you can really become this person. I am not saying it won’t take a good amount of work. But now at least you have the tool.

You will also have and opportunity to do a video testimonial at the end of the workshop.
If you volunteer to do a video testimonial that I can publish on my website you will be doing a great service to help other people decide to take this step to improve their lives and accelerate their progress in life. 
Since this will allow more people to find this amazing workshop and let them live their best life, I want to thank you for this by giving you a 100€ discount on your participation fee. Thank you so much!

I will also teach you a simple but effective secret about how to love yourself – even if that has been a problem for you in the past. Something that will come in handy whenever your buttons get pushed.

This workshop is for you if you are willing to put in the work. Then it will give you both lasting results and tools that you can use to move ahead even after the workshop. However, you need to be serious about your progress. This workshop is not about just getting a feel-good experience and then continue to muddle through just as before. 
Rather, you will be challenged to become aware of the problems that have led to less than satisfying results so far but at the same time, you will get the tools to work on them and get rid of these obstacles once and for all.
So, in short: your compost pile will be the same, but you will get a much bigger shovel to deal with it.

Legal Information

During this event no medical diagnosis or medical treatment will be performed. This is a coaching event aiming to show you a way to feel better in life. This event presents techniques that are state of the art and even cutting edge techniques in modern psychological treatments. In spite of having been well tested for over 10 years we cannot guarantee that you will not have any unwanted emotional or physical experiences.
We expect you to take care of your well-being and assume you are ok with the possible (statistically small) chance of an unwanted experience with this process (just like with any other psychologically effective method), which of course we will do our best to help you with.

If that is not the case, then please do not sign up for this workshop.

We are not legally liable for your choice or any emanations that may be attributed to the program.


What do I need to participate?

  • a computer compatible with Zoom video meeting platform
  • a headset
  • a quiet place where you will be able to focus on your growth process without the hustle and bustle of your life interfering
  • pen and paper for taking notes
  • a printer for printing out browser screen shots
  • good understanding of English language (or book one of our translated events)
  • the desire for to experience something new and the will to transform your life
  • Optional: if you are courious about more of this work, you can read Dr. Grant McFetridge’s Book Subcellular Psychobiology. The Russian version can be downloaded here free of charge. This book is also used in the ISPS Trauma Therapy Trainings

Your Well-being is Important to us

That is why we also require you to be

  • free of any serious medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes mellitus
  • free of any diagnosis of a mental, psychological, or psychiatric condition
  • free of current suicidal thoughts or suicide attempt in the last 5 years

ISPS Trauma Therapy is different, in that it can really get lasting results in a more profound way than anything I’ve experienced so far. The technique helped me work on emotions I couldn’t deal with in any other type of therapy

Gaetan Klein